Cleantech Investor Day | PHILIPPINES

The Cleantech Investor Day seeks to bring together entrepreneurs, business accelerators and investors in the clean technology sector in the Philippines to (i) identify the barriers that are preventing the growth the Philippine clean technology sector; (ii) understand how ADB can support entrepreneurs, business accelerators and investors to increase private sector investment in clean technology; and (iii) feature cleantech companies that have been nominated by ADB's business accelerator partners.


The ADB Cleantech Investor Day is divided into two parts. Session 1 will be a roundtable discussion between ADB, entrepreneurs, business accelerators and investors. The objective of this session is to help ADB understand the different challenges faced by each ecosystem member, and clarify how ADB can utilize its resource to support them.
Session 2 will be an investment pitching session featuring six (6) cleantech companies. The companies are:
1) Accelence Energy Solutions. A one-stop technical and management systems solutions shop focused on energy efficiency. See full profile.
2) EconoServ Solutions. An EESCO (energy efficiency services company) that develops, installs and finances projects that are designed to improve energy efficiency and reduce facility maintenance costs.See full profile.
3) Hiraya Technology Solutions, Inc. A smart water management and total water solutions company focused on non-revenue water (NRW) reduction. See full profile.
4) Hydroplus Technologies Philippines, Inc. A comprehensive and integrated water pressure management and energy conservation system. See full profile.
5) OneWatt Energy Management System. An IOT-enabled (Internat of Things) energy management system aiming to reduce industrial electricity consumption by 40%. See full profile.
6) SolarSolutions, Inc. Produces "solar energy stations" to provide light, water purification, mobile charging and refrigeration systems. See full profile.

Event Details
October 07, 2016 1:30PM, Friday

October 07, 2016 5:00PM, Friday
Auditorium C Asian Development Bank Building 6 ADB Avenue Mandaluyong City 1550 Philippines


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