Welcome to the Energy for All Partnership!

The E4ALL Partnership is a multi-stakeholder network working together to reduce energy poverty and scale up energy access in the Asia – pacific region.
By becoming a Partner, your organization will enjoy these benefits:

  • Participation in ADB-organized or sponsored events
  • Early stage project development support
  • Access to network of partners including investors, technology suppliers, financing institutions, etc
  • Knowledge sharing of technical innovations, financing mechanisms, business models, best practices and strategies, etc
  • Expand coordination for scaling up access to energy
  • Use of the Partnership Secretariat for efficient partner coordination and cooperation.

All Partners are requested to submit on a yearly basis the number of households/people that, through their efforts and projects, have been provided with energy access.
This will allow the secretariat to account your contribution to the E4ALL Partnership’s goal of providing access to 200 million households by 2020.