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Gham Power

Gham Power develops solar microgrids and commercial off-grid systems in developing countries. The Company started in Nepal in 2010, and have deployed over 600 projects including large industries, small businesses, and hundreds of households.

About 1.3 billion people, 20% of world population, do not have access to electricity. Most are in developing countries, where even those with access to electricity do not get it reliably, due to blackouts and brownouts. For example, 7 million people (24% of population) in Nepal live without any access to electricity, mostly in rural areas using kerosene lamps for lighting, paying costs as high as $5/kWh. The remaining 21 million people are grid-connected, but face a 500 MW energy deficit, with 16+ hours of daily blackouts. Many businesses run diesel generators for backup (531 mW privately owned), but they still suffer from increasing fuel costs and frequent shortages. They all need a power source more reliable and affordable than diesel.

To help address this, Gham Power focus on developing projects that are great fits for pay-as-you-go models – Rural Microgrids, Commercial and Industrial (C&I) systems, and Productive End Use (PEU) Systems.

Gham Power's Microgrids serve communities with 20 or more households and businesses, where each customer gets their own electrical hookup and they can "pay-as-you-go" for the electricity they use, making it extremely affordable with no upfront costs.

The Commercial Systems add solar to existing diesel generators at hospitals, factories and businesses, substantially reducing fuel consumption and backup power costs.

Productive End Use (PEU) projects power appliances like rice/seed-grinding mills, dairy, cold storage, mobile banking, and telemedicine.

The project portfolios are funded directly by our local banking partner and international investment partners. Gham Power takes complete ownership of installing the systems for all these projects, including service and monitoring to ensure high quality.


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Last Update July 25, 2017