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Grassroots and Rural Innovative Development Pvt Ltd

Grassroots and Rural Innovative Development (G.R.I.D.) Pvt Ltd is a mission-driven social enterprise that works towards providing low-cost distributed energy solutions to rural areas in South and South East Asia. The organization is reshaping the application of microgrid technology to tackle the issues of energy poverty, water insecurity, access to education and healthcare. G.R.I.D. believes in the philosophy of treating solar energy as a platform on which various other essential services can be made available and thereby generates a social impact. It integrates technology, financial modeling, and O&M practices to create a viable & sustainable model for its solutions. Through projects such as Solar Microgrids, Solar RO systems, Solar Lanterns and Solar Home Systems, G.R.I.D., is bringing amenities to rural areas with an aim to improve the quality of life.
In its most revolutionary developmental intervention till date, G.R.I.D. has successfully brought affordable and accessible potable water to villages in rural India through its Solar RO technology and has impacted thousands of lives.


Country India


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Last Update July 5, 2017