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Matribhumi Urja Pvt. Ltd.

Matribhumi Urja Pvt. Ltd. is a Nepal based bio-mass energy company which has varieties of bio-mass mud stove products of varying sizes ranging from small household mud-stove to big institutional ICS used in paper processing industries, dairy industries, school canteens, military mess, gumbas and temples. Matribhumi Urja has been continuously improving its product through research, re-design and iteration based on customer feedback and necessity.

Matribhumi's Improved mud stove make use of special Air Supply Disc Burner (ASDB) having different holes for supplying the air from bottom to top instead of traditional stoves, which use the air supply through firewood inserting portion. ‘Matribhumi Air Supply Disc Burner (ASDB)’, a patented product of Matribhumi Urja has been tested in the Renewable Energy Testing Station(RETS) and is the most efficient mud cook stove in the market with high thermal efficiency, less indoor pollutants and saves 60% less fire wood compared to other products in the market.


Country Nepal

Tags Biomass, Clean Cooking/Heating

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Last Update October 23, 2017