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Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN)

The Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN) is a multilateral public private partnership, initiated by the Climate Technology Initiative and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which nurtures promising, innovative clean and renewable energy projects by bridging the gap between investors and clean energy entrepreneurs and project developers.

PFAN brings together private sector companies with experience in financing climate-friendly projects and technologies to screen business plans and select the most economically and environmentally beneficial projects. For those entrepreneurs and business selected, PFAN provides guidance on feasibility, project structure, investment and financing, preparation of the business plan and introductions to investors. PFAN’s goals are to accelerate technology transfer and diffusion under the UNFCCC, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, promote low-carbon, sustainable economic development, and help facilitate the transition to a low-carbon economy by increasing financing opportunities for promising clean energy projects. PFAN accomplishes this by building a network of investors, entrepreneurs, technical experts and government representatives with a common goal of increasing the viability of clean and renewable energy.

Efforts to scale up investment in clean energy technology and businesses are often unsuccessful due to the problem of the “missing middle”; many clean energy entrepreneurs have good ideas but cannot find financing; while many investors in the clean energy sector have difficulties identifying and vetting attractive investment opportunities. PFAN seeks to bridge the gap by coaching and mentoring emerging clean energy businesses; by developing a network of investors and financial institutions who are interested in and informed about the clean energy markets; and by presenting to these investors projects that have been screened for commercial viability, sustainability and environmental and social benefits. For investors PFAN represents a deal pipeline of investment ready clean energy projects.


Country Thailand

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Last Update January 5, 2018