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Alenso Energy

Alenso adopts a multi-project approach, where the individual customer defines the scope and structure of the services. Beginning with relatively simple energy consultancy projects, depending on the comfort level of the client, the scope and complexity of the service is expanded to multi-tier product packages
We have demonstrable experience in energy audit of most industrial sectors, power plants and Buildings
Alenso Energy leverages its expertise to help customers analyse production processes, boost productivity and operating efficiency, and service and maintain production equipment. Broadly, we focuses on the following:

§ Reduce the energy consumption and operating costs
§ Upgrade facilities and tailor them to real demand, ensuring the compliance of technical, health and environmental regulations
§ Guarantee reliable supply
§ Improve the safety and comfort of the teams

Alenso is involved in providing consulting services in the area of energy management and developing energy efficiency with focus on reducing the energy cost and deriving of consequent environment benefit in the various sectors of economy in India and abroad
We are offering solutions for energy intensive sectors like power plants , Industry and Buildings in Energy Efficiency and Maintenance system by following and more,

1. Detailed Energy Audit and Assessment

2. Electrical safety and Process Audit

3. Power Quality Audit

4. Thermography audit

5. Indoor Air quality Audit

6. Boiler Audit

7. EHS Audit

8. Flue Gas Monitoring

9. HSQEE Training

10. HVAC Audit

11. Safety audit

12. Technical Due diligence audit

13. Walk through Energy Audit

14. Water testing


Country India


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Last Update April 12, 2017