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Finergreen is a French-based advisory firm focused on cleantech sector (wind, solar, biomass, etc.).

We are currently working in various emerging countries Sub-Saharan Africa (i.e Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Senegal,...), South-East Asia (India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Sri Lanka,...) throughout 4 offices located in Paris, Rome, Abidjan and Singapore.

FINERGREEN is active on every type of long term financing operations, raising funds for assets (infrastructures) or companies (corporate). In order to ensure liquidity on the renewable energy market, our team works both on the buyer and the seller sides.

A renewable energy project is highly capital intensive. Its financing requires the establishment of long term finance agreements with banking players .
FINERGREEN deep expertise on this topic enables us to determine the most suitable legal and financial structure, for each and every operation on which we work.

Either public or private, the energy transition actors are constantly moving. We help them to make their business model evolve, in France and all over the world.


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Last Update July 17, 2017